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Yall gotta pick it up round here. I appreciate the TODD completely but cmon mane *
Drivin N Cryin on the 19th at the Miller..pregame at Stillwater Tap
(07-09-2024, 05:35 PM)Replying to LPunkin14

ill see what i can do
Mother's Finest August 9th at the Miller.
Dot Line & Aint Sisters Smiths Olde Bar Friday and Natty Love Joys Green Room Mableton Saturday Night. My weekend is full.

(07-09-2024, 05:32 PM)Replying to Smokindawg

Do a Smokin Page Take Over!
[Image: iOvLDN1.jpg?1] [Image: 1VWtPlw.jpg?1] [Image: CK0zHIu.jpg] [Image: yTj6tPw.jpg?1] [Image: Nhc7kqD.jpg?1] [Image: J3gH23f.jpg?1] 
[Image: XL6hRLC.jpg?1] [Image: 5sF0KCy.jpg] [Image: Krtkq7L.jpg?2] [Image: zhgbCrH.jpg?1]
(07-09-2024, 06:18 PM)Replying to JC-DAWG83

May go to that..first live band I ever saw at the now James Brown arena circa ‘79.
(07-09-2024, 06:33 PM)Replying to Punkin14

May go to that..first live band I ever saw at the now James Brown arena circa ‘79.

I saw them about 10 years ago at Garden City.  They could still bring it then, put on a great show.
I Don't know but I been Told JC can't sing Rock and Roll No No

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