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If you're looking for signs that we are not going to make it...
like, as a human race...look no further than the gas pumps at Costco.   Those pumps are specifically designed to stretch over/around your vehicle if the gas door is on the opposite side of the pump...yet, for some reason, folks will line up 5-6 deep waiting on the pump that goes to their side of the vehicle.  AMAZING!!!

Having said that, I'm convinced people are such sheep they feel DRAWN to wait in line.  I HATE to wait in line and will damn near anything to avoid it.  I've always said you could get 10 random people at the airport, have them form a line at a door and shortly others would get in the line...for no reason, other than they think they need to be in line.   

Almost like what happened with a recent illness...but, we won't go there.  Topic for another board.  

(You can also witness this phenomenon at Sanford Stadium on football Saturdays.)
Agree on the Costco gas pumps..I was just there..although gas on the vehicle I was driving vehicle goes in on the passenger side..folks were lined up for the others…

The gas hose will stretch across my pickup bed with ease..
It amazes me how often you can pull up to a stop light and see how many cars just fall in line in one lane, usually the left, with 20 cars while the other lane just has a few. Then sit there while the light cycles through multiple times to get them through the light....sheep 4sure
People are stupid.

Thankfully at least here we can ignore some of the stupids.
(07-10-2024, 05:05 PM)Replying to bNe

"And screw florida and the mule they came in here on" - Erk Russell.

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Be thankful you don't live here in eastern va.
They added a new aisle at the Fort Oglethorpe Costco with 3 pumps instead of two like the other aisles. I am amazed how many will get in a 6 car backup at the 2 pump aisles when there are 6 or less in the 3 pump aisle.
I always seem to get behind the person at the Costco gas pumps who is apparently buying gas for the first time in their life.
(07-10-2024, 05:05 PM)Replying to bNe
Not only stupid but also think they are the only one that exists on this planet. Oblivious to anyone else around and to common courtesy. Most people are shitty but there are a few good ones that make me smile at times and give me hope.


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